Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lisa Goodman puts gum from her mouth into opponent's hand at Ward 7 forum

At some point, far into the future, when I give talks to classrooms full of aspiring journalists, I will tell them you miss 100% of the weird stories you don't show up for. That's why you go to all the neighborhood meetings, all the zoning hearings, and every candidate forum.

You go to a Ward 7 city council candidate forum at a big fancy church on Hennepin Avenue to break a once-in-a-lifetime story that a not-so-clever person might call Gumghazi.

(What you're about to read is the biggest Wedge LIVE scoop since Deflate-gate.)

Multiple eyewitness accounts and the pictures below show that Lisa Goodman placed chewing gum from her mouth into the hand of one of her opponents. Poor guy thought when Goodman said "take my gum" that she was offering a nicely wrapped piece of unchewed gum. Live and learn. The unlucky political neophyte, Teqen Zéa-Aida, won't fall for the old gum trick again. Experience matters. (Read Teqen's account here.)

Photo credit: Canin Apriori

Meg Tuthill works the room 
Former Ward 10 city council member, Meg Tuthill—who is a Goodman supporter—walked around the room before the candidate forum, doing some persuasion work. Tuthill interrogated a couple of sweet, innocent older ladies about who they were supporting and why. The innocent older ladies said they were supporting Goodman's other opponent Janne Flisrand.

My close encounter with Lisa Goodman (Kingpin Wedge "El Chapo" LIVÉ escapes Mexican prison once again)

Here's another Real-Life Story from the Ward 7 Candidate Forum. After it was all over (after all the gum had been chewed and spit out into other people's hands), I stood up and began talking to the tall, handsome man I was seated next to during the 90-minute forum. To my great terror, Lisa Goodman approaches us and asks the tall man, "are you John?" Clearly she was confusing one tall handsome man for another.

Lucky for me, Lisa Goodman had her sights locked on my friend, convinced that this was the "John" she was looking for. But he was not John. I am John. And at that moment, John (me) was making his escape.

My thinking was, if the first thing on Lisa Goodman's mind after a grueling 90-minute candidate forum is "John" then something has gone terribly wrong.

The tall man will have my everlasting gratitude because he did not waver. He is brave. A normal person would have looked in my direction when asked, "are you John?" A coward would have given me up to the authorities. But the Tall Man looked Lisa Goodman square in the eyes and said "no." With a convincingly perplexed expression on his face, he gave the impression he had never met anyone named "John" in his entire life.

I believe the Tall Man is tall and handsome and brave enough to play Wedge LIVE in the movie version. In the movie he (I) will say, "So you must be Lisa Goodman... We meet at last."

Later I spoke with the Tall Man about the incident. He says he was scolded for taking video of the forum (because I guess taking weird videos of city council members slapping a wet wad of chewed-up gum into their political opponent's hand seems like a thing Wedge LIVE would do). Lisa Goodman said to the Tall Man that she thought video recordings were maybe a violation of the candidate forum rules. In addition to being tall and handsome and loyal and brave, Tall Man thinks that city council candidate forum rules don't apply to him. Tall Man is a rebel. Sorry ladies, he's not single.

[Show Lisa Goodman that WE ARE ALL WEDGE LIVE, by wearing official Wedge LIVE team apparel.]

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Election 2017 Calendar

We're going to try to track Minneapolis candidate forums and other key election-related dates on this calendar. You'll also see a sidebar calendar on the desktop version of the site. I'm asking readers and campaigns to help track down anything we've missed: contact us via Twitter or send an email to

Sunday, September 10, 2017

It's not your imagination—*not driving* is still way harder than driving in Minneapolis.

It's no accident that not driving is still the hardest way to get around Minneapolis. More than half a century's worth of decisions by local officials have led to a city designed primarily to serve automobile traffic. This has created neighborhood streets that inconvenience and threaten the safety of anyone not traveling in a car. It's a destructive trend that, despite recent victories on bike lanes and parking reform, hasn't yet reversed itself.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

The mayor's race is a false flag

It's pretty sad that you care about this llama dressed as a biker more than you care about the city council election.

I wrote a whole thing about the mayor's race, and I hope you didn't read it. Don't let establishment media figures like myself use the mayoral sideshow to distract you from what matters in 2017. I'm here to tell you: the mayor's race is a false flag.

MAYORAL UPDATE: Carol Becker's dumb lawsuit against Mayor Hodges goes up in flames; Carol Becker declares victory, says "Judge agrees with me."

Send us your not-driving horror stories

Frustrated Man

Do you have a bus ride that takes three times longer than if you drove a car instead? Have you ever had to lug a bike upstairs because secure bike parking (or any bike parking) is just impossible to find? Are you frequently run off the road, or out of a crosswalk, by a suburban lawyer driving too fast on the way to storing his car in some remarkably cheap real estate in a downtown parking garage?

Monday, August 28, 2017

The Great Big Mayoral Roundup

Lots of big news swirling around the race for Minneapolis Mayor.

Carol Becker sues Mayor Hodges. Becker, a member of the Board of Estimate and Taxation, says the budget document the Mayor delivered is insufficient and violates the city's charter. The mayor says she has complied with the charter and will deliver a more robust budget presentation in September.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Groundbreaking Campaign Finance Transparency Tool for Minneapolis Elections

Today, MSP Votes is debuting a groundbreaking new campaign finance transparency tool. We have combed through the finance reports of every City Council, Mayoral, and Park Board candidate for the last two years (from January 1, 2016 to July 25, 2017). We have compiled the most significant donations (nearly 1000!) and plugged that data into MSP Votes (alongside all the great info you can already access in our candidate profiles).